On Thursday 27 October, IBTimes UK attended The Lovie Awards – the most prestigious, and only truly pan-European honour for online excellence. Winners of the night included Annie Lennox – who won The Lovie Person of the Year Award – and YouTube sensation Patricia Bright – the Lovie Internet Video Person of the Year, who exclusively spoke to us before the ceremony commenced.

Bright, a 27-year-old make-up and fashion vlogger, was acknowledged for her homegrown YouTube channel that has crossed into mainstream media and online culture.

Her candid and open-minded videos have catalogued her transformation from a student to a successful working married mother – and she has inspired young women across the globe to find unlimited positivity and comfort in her mentorship.

Looking beautiful in a red lace dress from online fashion site Pretty Little Thing, Bright was sweet, engaging and incredibly humble – qualities she oozes upon meeting her. On winning the Lovie award, she said: "Being nominated and winning something like this is kind of crazy to understand. I truly appreciate it. Love is something I am obsessed with – I always try and spread love and positivity."

On why she won the accolade over all other YouTubers, she said: "Maybe [I won] because they see that the message I promote is optimistic, and maybe in line with what Lovie represents. Just to be nominated is something I really appreciate."

And the notion of love resonates throughout her online content; discussing her favourite things to film, she said: "My favourite thing to film is something that has randomly been playing on my mind or heart, and turning on the camera and having a chinwag about it. I do this once in a while – not regularly – but when I have those little moments, my followers love it. We all get cups of teas and we just have a chat for like 20 minutes.

Divulging more about the relationship between herself and her loyal fans, she continued: "My followers and fans are almost like my therapy. Because it's almost like this opportunity to have a chat with people who have been on your journey.

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"Sometimes you need someone to have a little chat with. Or you may be really excited or really passionate about something. It's kind of like confiding in a close friend," she added.

Bright also discussed the idea that certain YouTubers have been promoted more than others by the organisation – but she believes this is to do with them being more relatable than for reasons of bias.

On fellow YouTuber Zoella – who has been promoted on the YouTube homepage for many years – she said: "With YouTube stars like Zoella, there are many young girls that relate to her or would simply like to be her.

"With the way YouTube works, it is a case of what are people really watching – and so it is those people who will get promoted. It's the algorithm – I don't think it is anything particularly biased. She is very relatable and there are people like that who – I don't want to say are 'vanilla' – but are quite a nice, safe bet. I would say that she really appeals to the masses," she continued.

Stay tuned for the second part of IBTimes UK's interview with Patricia Bright.