Fresh rumours have emerged suggesting HTC is planning to add a new device codenamed "Buffy" to its ever-growing horde of Facebook phones. Facebook

Fresh rumours have emerged suggesting HTC is planning to release a new Facebook phone codenamed the "Buffy."

Speculation regarding a new Facebook phone erupted after tech site AllThingsD published a fresh report reporting several of the future device's features. According to AllThingsD Farmville and by extension its maker Zynga are currently heavily involved in the HTC Buffy's development.

Additionally, the new vampire-slaying phone will reportedly run using a customised version of Android -- no word on the exact version was given in AllThingsD's report -- modified to maximise the number of social networking features on the phone.

The tech site also reported that the device will use HTML5, meaning that developers will be able to design custom apps that as well as working on the phone, would run both online and on PCs. If true the, currently unconfirmed, Buffy would house the same Facebook button previously seen in the company's Latin themed HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha devices. The button grants users a shortcut to Facebook, allowing them to share photos and post updates with the push of a button.

Unfortunately, past the vague report, AllThingsD offered no concrete information regarding the Buffy's tech spec or price. When asked about the authenticity of AllThingsD's report HTC clarified, "HTC doesn't comment on rumour speculation."