Former France manager Raymond Domenech has urged Hugo Lloris to leave Tottenham and sign for a club in the Champions League, but should stave away from Manchester United as they are no longer a big club.

Domenech believes that United's performance in the past two years, coupled with Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement has massively hampered their valuation in the market and that the Frenchman should look for a move to Arsenal, Manchester City or Chelsea as they are a big club in the true sense of the word.

The former manager insists that United are no better than Tottenham, in spite of having finished fourth last season and will be a sideways move for France's number one. He insists that United being back in Europe can be attributed to chance and that for a prolonged period in the Champions League, he has to move to one of the aforementioned clubs.

"I have no decision to take for him, but in my opinion he has to play in Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City, to play in the European Cup," Domenech said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"Tottenham is a big club – it is not the biggest. Manchester United qualified for the Champions League, but I can't see really the difference with Tottenham.

"For me, it's Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City. Because I think Manchester United is no more a big club, in England, for me. I think like that.

"I think Arsenal will be every time a big club, Chelsea also – City is becoming a big club – but I think United is with Tottenham, with the other clubs. Not one of the biggest clubs, so there's no difference.

"For me, he's a great goalkeeper so he needs to be in the best English club, or French, or Italian, or German," he added.

United are likely to make a move for Lloris in the event that David de Gea refuses to sign an extension with the club, according to the Mirror. The Red Devils are currently in conversation with Real Madrid and according to the Guardian, insist that they want Sergio Ramos in any deal involving De Gea.