iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweaks
Photo: Apple

Ever since the iPhone's jailbreak debut in 2007, we have witnessed innumerable jailbreak apps and tweaks enabling us to unlock the true potential of our iOS device.

Apple makes every effort to release new features with each iOS software update, thanks to inspiration from jailbreak apps/tweaks. On the other hand, iOS hackers and developers have continued to release new tweaks and apps that make it much more desirable and fun to use an iOS device.

Jailbreak addiction is becoming so irresistible that users have delayed iOS updates for their devices, until a new jailbreak tool is released for the new iOS firmware.

If you are still thinking about a reason to jailbreak in order to upgrade your iOS device, you should watch this intriguing video below, which gives you a 100 reasons to jailbreak!

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