Political scandal has rocked Hungary for the first time in its post-communist history as its president announced his resignation amid allegations of plagiarism.

Pal Schmitt presided over the passage of a new constitution and about 300 new laws. He's also a two time Olympic gold medal-winning fencer. And last week he was stripped of his sports doctorate at Budapest's Semmelweis University revoked Schmitt's doctorate . An inquiry found his 1992 thesis "An analysis of the programme of Modern Olympic Games", had not met scientific and ethical standards.

These Hungarians agree with the decision. "It has become undoubted that he had done something wrong. Even if he did write his thesis as his own work, he cannot prove it. In such a case, for a head of state who represents a nation the only honest way is to resign from his post." This woman said "Morally it was a completely wrong thing. I think the whole country was of this opinion that he had to resign."

Schmitt has denied any wrongdoing and intends to appeal.