TikTokers may have finally discovered a quick hack to "get rid" of nasty acne on the face. It comes in the form of small hydrocolloid bandages that many Asians, particularly Koreans, have been using for decades.

With social media, it only takes one video to influence the whole world. Many users on TikTok are now uploading clips where they show how they are able to clear their skin using hydrocolloid bandages. Beauty buffs immediately caught on the trend, got themselves some of the now really famous bandages, and started flooding TikTok with their own acne hacks.

Hydrocolloid refers to bandage products that were designed to heal blisters and other kinds of wounds. The tag "hydrocolloid" now has more than 20.4 million views on TikTok. The clips show TikTokers who reveal their before and after looks after using hydrocolloid bandages. Suffice to say, they were just proud of what they have accomplished on their skin using the quick acne hack.

One of the first users who uploaded her hydrocolloid bandage hack was TikToker @shannon.bruno. In the video, she told her more than 58,000 followers that if they have acne that has white pus and would like it gone overnight, then they can opt for hydrocolloid bandages. She said that they just cost $3 from Walmart but each package could last for one whole month. Her clip has garnered 1.1 million likes and it just keeps on getting more reactions.

Another TikTok user, who used a similar product, was able to garner tons of views showing her own acne hack. @rotel_ella said that the bandage pulls out the gunk and showed a pus-filled bandage, showing it to her followers. Her before-and-after video also raked in more than 3 million likes.

A dermatologist in Upper East Side, Dr Julie Russak, told The Post, that the TikTokers are using a hack that many skin doctors have been using for many years. Russak said that the bandage brings down the inflammation and allows healing on the skin.

Colloidal dressings also avoid over-drying the skin. These dressings calm the skin down, healing it from the inside out.

Hydrocolloid bandage takes TikTok by storm. Photo: Pixabay