"I hope his boiler breaks down." That was the start of a spectacular online roasting for Nigel Farage at the weekend, after an interview in the Daily Mail in which he said he was "53, separated and skint".

Farage, the former Ukip leader who lobbied for the UK to leave the European Union, spoke to the newspaper about "the price he's paid for Brexit" in a "startingly, soul-baring interview".

He told the Mail: "My life is not easy. There's a lot of aggro to deal with. I can't walk down the street in London on my own. The level of aggression and unpleasantness is constant. I'll never be able to live a normal life in London."

He also described himself as "separated and skint," adding: "I've just been pretty obsessed fighting this cause to the detriment of almost everything else."

But in a Twitter thread, travel writer David Whitley started a brutal take down of Farage using schadenfreude, referencing some extremely mild and passive-aggressive British calamities.

He began with: "I hope his boiler breaks down" - a terrible threat in the British wintertime, when there are few things worse than being without hot water and heating.

Using the themes of bureaucracy, gentrification, mild discomfort and the Royal Mail, he continued:

"I hope the delivery he was waiting for arrives when he's at the sorting office picking up the delivery he missed two days ago.

"I hope his favourite pub gets turned into a Zizzi.

"I hope his bank makes him change his online banking password to something he'll never remember, and he has to go through a needlessly complicated reset password procedure every time he tries to log on.

"I hope he goes to a toilet in a shopping centre, has a s**t, then realises there's no toilet paper.

"I hope he puts a washload on, forgets about it for two days, and when he finally opens the machine all his clothes have attained a permanently damp smell."

"I hope he gets home hungry, puts a ready meal in the oven while he has a shower, then comes back downstairs 25 minutes later to find he didn't turn the oven on."

When asked if some of the wishes were based on his own experiences, Whitley later admitted that "some are not entirely unfamiliar".

Others soon added their own mild discontents. One Twitter user said: "Hope he buys a really expensive warm jumper which quickly becomes his favourite, then it shrinks the first time he washes it."

Farage has not currently responded to the Twitter thread.