• England lose their opening game against Australia by 112 runs.
  • James Taylor, who remained unbeaten at 98 was the top scorer for England.
  • Mitchell Marsh was the star player with ball, picking up five wickets
  • Mitchell Johnson and Mitchell Starc picked up two wickets each.
  • Chris Woakes dropped Aaron Finch in the first over of the game when he was at 0
  • Highest run chase at MCG is 297 runs, which was done by Australia against England in 2011.
  • 342-7: Australia's highest total against England in World Cup.
  • Steven Finn takes hattrick of last three balls of the innings
David Warner
David Warner will lead Australia as they attempt to win a fifth World Cup Getty Images

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Aaron Finch was named as the player of the match for his brilliant knock of 135 runs of 128 deliveries.


Australia defeat England to win the opening game by 112 runs.


Over 42: England 231 for 10: Anderson 8 (11), Taylor 94 (86)

Hazlewood is reintroduced into the attack and a fumble at mid-on helps Taylor reach to 98, following a boundary. A leg-bye has seen Anderson take strike as Taylor is still two short of a century.

Anderson came close to getting caught, only for the ball to fall just short of Bailey who was at point. Taylor is given out lbw at 98 and he goes for a review, which could be his way to stay alive and score a century.

The third umpire over turns the decision as Taylor stays alive,while James Anderson was run out at the other end. This is a bizarre way to get out as the run out should not have been counted as it should have been a dead ball cause the decision was already given against Taylor.


WICKET...!!! James Anderson 8 (11) run out Maxwell


Over 41: England 225 for 9: Anderson 7 (10), Taylor 94 (86)

Anderson is looking for a single of Starc, but has not managed to do so in the first four deliveries. The fifth ball takes an edge and runs towards third man for a boundary.


Over 40: England 221 for 9: Anderson 3 (4), Taylor 94 (86)

Johnson continues to attack from the other end and Anderson gives away the strike to Taylor after taking a single off the first ball. Taylor is looking for a hundred and is 8 runs short of a milestone.

However, Taylor has failed to score from Johnson's three deliveries as there are only two more deliveries left in the 40th over. He then charges towards leg side and gets a couple, which will help him move close towards a century.


Over 39: England 218 for 9: Anderson 2 (3), Taylor 92 (81)

Anderson faces Starc and take the single off the first ball, which brings Taylor back on strike. He flicks one above Haddin for a four as the ball was in the air for a while before running down towards the boundary rope.

Taylor finds the gap and takes a comfortable double after pointing it towards square leg. Bailey, who was at the point had a chance to take a blinder, only to miss him after hitting his fingers.

Taylor finishes the over with a boundary after the ball edges his bat and runs past towards the third man for four. He moves to 92.


Over 38: England 205 for 9: Anderson 1 (2), Taylor 80 (76)

Johnson has picked up two quick wickets as James Anderson is the last man walking to the centre of the park, following Finn's dismissal. Australia are a wicket away from winning their opening game of the 2015 ICC World Cup.

Johnson bowls outside leg stump as the ball passes Haddin for a boundary. That helps England reach 200. Another inside edge allows Anderson give the strike to Taylor to face remaining three deliveries of the over.

Taylor slices towards extra point for a boundary and that takes his individual tally to 80.


WICKET...!!! Steven Finn 1 (6) c&b Johnson


Over 37: England 195 for 8: Finn 1 (5), Taylor 76 (73)

Starc's reverse swing unsettles Broad, who goes for a golden duck. Australia are sensing a win now as Steven Finn walks through the middle. The co-host nation are two wickets away from the first victory.

Watson moves to slips and Finn is yet to touch the ball after facing first four deliveries and a single at the end avoids a wicket maiden.


WICKET...!!! Stuart Broad 0 (1) b Starc


Over 36: England 194 for 7: Broad 0 (0), Taylor 76 (73)

Another change in the bowling as Johnson replaces Starc. The decision pays off immediately as Johnson sends back Woakes to the pavilion. Stuart Broad is the new man and is at the non-striker.

On the other hand, Taylor keeps going as he nudges one towards the third man for a quick double. Johnson bowls another slower delivery and Taylor reads well in advance. He then flicks the bat to put the ball past through the boundary and finally finishes the over with another boundary through the cover.


WICKET...!!! Chris Woakes 37 (42) c Smith b Johnson


Over 35: England 184 for 6: Woakes 37 (40), Taylor 66 (69)

Starc replaces Watson for the second over of the batting power play. Taylor smashes the first ball over long-on for a six and he is in fire. Australia are desperate for a wicket at this stage in order to avoid giving any chance for England to settle.

After the six, Starc has come back strong as he has managed to beat Taylor on two occasions. This is followed by two singles. 8 runs from the over.


Over 34: England 176 for 6: Woakes 36 (39), Taylor 59 (64)

England take the batting power play and Marsh is given the ball to continue his spell. Taylor smashes out for six, which helps him reach half century. He then tries to clear the third man, only for the ball to fall just short of him for a single.

Taylor walks down the ground and smacked it over the mid-on player for a boundary. England are utilising the power play to their advantage as it should be seen if this would help in the final outcome of the game.


England take batting power play


Over 33: England 163 for 6: Woakes 35 (37), Taylor 47 (60)

Watson continues from the other end and England have a huge task at their hand in order to seal a victory. England are still taking singles, which will not help them at this stage. Four runs from the over.




Over 32: England 159 for 6: Woakes 32 (32), Taylor 46 (59)

The man in form Mitchell Marsh is brought back into the attack. He has already picked up five wickets, while conceded 18 runs from 7 overs. Only two runs from the over.


Over 31: England 157 for 6: Woakes 31 (28), Taylor 45 (57)

Watson comes back into the attack as he bowls his second over. Taylor and Woakes are going strong as they managed over 50 runs partnership between them. Woakes gives it away to the sweeper and gets a single. The first four balls has resulted in four singles as the remaining two deliveries ended with no run.


Over 30: England 153 for 6: Woakes 29 (24), Taylor 43 (55)

Taylor now takes on Maxwell and a reverse sweep towards extra cover helps him get for more runs. Australia need a wicket in order to give England any sort of momentum. Woakes now joins Taylor as he clears the fine leg and the ball rushes towards the boundary. 12 runs from the over.


Over 29: England 141 for 6: Woakes 21 (21), Taylor 38 (51)

Taylor charges down the ground and the long-off player tries to clear the ball at mid on, only to be unsuccessful at the end. Taylor continues to fire and this time through third-man, forcing Starc to save the ball from running towards the boundary.

Steve Smith has been expensive as he has conceded 11 runs from his second over.