• Ireland win the toss and elect to bat first
  • 2 changes for Pakistan, Irfan and Younis out, Haris and Ehsan in
  • Ireland play same XI which lost to India
  • Ireland 237 all out
  • Porterfield 107, Wahab Riaz 3/54
  • Pakistan 241/3 in 46.1 overs
  • Sarfraz Ahmed 101*
Wahab Riaz

That's it from us today as we bring an end to the first phase of the 2015 ICC World Cup. The quarter finals will start from Wednesday and we will bring you Live coverage of all the quarter finals fixtures. Hope you enjoyed today's Live Blog between Pakistan v Ireland.



This was a pressure game. A game more pressure game for us than, say, a quarter-final. Give a lot of credit to the fast bowlers. It was a slow pitch. They bowled their hearts out. They took the wickets and restricted Ireland.

Sarfraz's was a brilliant knock. Much-needed knock. Very happy how he went on and stayed there till the end. Yeah of course we can win the World Cup. We have the momentum. The bowling is doing really well, the batting is beginning to do its part. On the day anything can happen. We have the bowling line-up that can surprise any team.


William Porterfield

We were a few runs light. All credit to the way they bowled. The best ever innings only comes when you win. We thought it was a pretty good surface. Slightly slower. Very good pitch. We would have like a few more runs on the board. The confidence has been high throughout. The fans have been fantastic. Hope we get more games, and progress from there.


A message from Ireland captain to their fans


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Confirmed 8 Quarter finals of the 2015 ICC World Cup.


Pakistan will take on Australia in the third quarter final of the 2015 ICC World Cup in Adelaide on Friday.


Sarfraz Ahmed

Very happy. Even before the match, Waqar said we haven't scored a hundred so we must try and get the hundred. Very important win. It was do or die for us. The bowlers and the fielders did really well. You could see they were giving it their all in the do-or-die match.


Sarfraz Ahmed's unbeaten 101 resulted in being named the man of the match.


Sarfraz Ahmed scored his maiden century and also first Pakistan player to score a hundred in the 2015 ICC World Cup.


The defeat for Ireland mean they are out of the 2015 World Cup as Pakistan are West Indies qualify from Group B for the knockouts.


Pakistan defeat Ireland by seven wickets and qualify for the quarter finals.


Over 47: Pakistan 241 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 102 (123), Umar Akmal 20 (29)

Stirling to bowl and FOUR, Akmal smashes it over long on to finish the match with a boundary. They qualify for the quarter finals as they finish third in the group.


Over 46: Pakistan 237 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 102 (123), Umar Akmal 16 (28)

Sarfraz is on strike and Dockrell is brought back into the attack. Sarfraz is not taking the run as he wants to score a century. FOUR, Sarfraz smashes the next ball to deep midwicket and that brings his HUNDRED. The scores are level and they need 1 more run to win the match and qualify for the quarter finals. He finishes the over with dot balls.


Over 45: Pakistan 233 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 97 (117), Umar Akmal 16 (28)

Mooney continues and starts the new over with a wide on the leg side. Sarfraz is on strike and he takes a single off the next ball towards long on. Umar Akmal wastes the next deliveries till the end of the over as he wants to give Sarfraz on strike.


Over 44: Pakistan 231 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 96 (117), Umar Akmal 16 (23)

Thompson continues and Sarfraz sweeps it to long leg for a single. He wanted a double, but sent back by Akmal. Two dot balls is followed by one more delivery on the leg side. Ireland players appeal and umpire calls it a wide. Two more singles off the next two deliveries as Sarfraz moves to 96.


Over 43: Pakistan 227 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 94 (115), Umar Akmal 15 (19)

Kevin O'Brien continues in the attack. Starts the over with two dot balls. FOUR, Akmal goes over mid on and gets a boundary off the third ball. It is followed by a simple defence. He finishes the over with another dot ball.


Over 42: Pakistan 222 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 94 (115), Umar Akmal 11 (13)

Stuart Thompson continues and starts with three dot balls to Akmal. Another pull shot from Akmal and this time it goes past the fielder at mid wicket and results in only a single. It is followed by a wide on the leg side. Sarfraz finishes the over with two dot balls.


Over 41: Pakistan 221 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 94 (113), Umar Akmal 10 (9)

Kevin O'Brien is brought back into the attack and he will bowl to the new man Umar Akmal, who has a slip in place. Starts the over with a dot ball. FOUR, a beautiful shot through mid on from Akmal and he is off the mark with a boundary towards long on. It is followed by an easy single.

A short pitch delivery and Sarfraz pulls it for a square leg single. FOUR, Akmal places it very well towards cow corner boundary. Another single from Akmal from the last ball of the over ends in a single and he retains the strike.


That's the end of batting Powerplay.


Over 40: Pakistan 210 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 93 (112), Umar Akmal 0 (4)

Sarfraz is on strike and he pulls it square leg and gets a double. The umpire was forced to jump in order to avoid contact with the ball. He wanted a quick single off the next ball, but later decides not to go for it. It is followed by four more dot balls to finish the over. Just 2 runs off it.


Pakistan need 30 more runs to win the match


Over 39: Pakistan 208 for 3: Sarfraz Ahmed 91 (106), Umar Akmal 0 (4)

Cusack continues his bowling and starts with a dot ball. A wide off the next ball. OUT, the next ball takes a thick inside edge and it clips the bails hitting the off stump. That is the end of Pakistan skipper in the middle. However, replay suggests it was a hit wicket after his back foot hits the stumps.

Umar Akmal is the new man in the middle Cusack starts with a short pitch delivery. No run off the next three deliveries.