• South Africa seal semi final berth with a win over Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka win the toss and elect to bat first
  • Sri Lanka 133 all out in 37.2 overs
  • Sangakkara 45, Tahir 4/26
  • De Kock 78, Malinga 1/43
Imran Tahir
Imran Tahir celebrates after taking the wicket of Thisara Perera during the 2015 Cricket World Cup quarter-final match between Sri Lanka and South Africa. [Getty]

That's it from us for today. Hope you enjoyed our Live Blog between Sri Lanka v South Africa. South Africa made it to the semi finals as they won the first knockout game of the World Cup. We will sign off for now and will be back once again tomorrow for the Live Blog of the second quarter final clash between India v Bangladesh. See you tomorrow. Goodbye for now.


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Hat-trick hero JP Duminy

"Pretty pleased with that performance, don't think I've ever come close to taking a hat-trick before. To my recollection, I've never taken wickets consecutively... I knew it was possibly a hat-trick ball, just before I bowled it, so we got a few fielders in and fortunately enough he played around it.

"It wasn't my greatest delivery but it was wicket to wicket, so I was pleased with that. It was one of those days when everything clicks, I could feel the hunger. There was a lot of tension in the camp, just because of the hunger, we had a day off yesterday, to ease that... We came in fired up and we wanted early wickets.

"But those small totals are still challenging... It's great to contribute with bat and ball, I get an opportunity to bowl a few more overs. It's been challenging, the last few games, we haven't put in a big performance.

"We've worked hard and everything clicked today. With them losing so many wickets up front they had to be a bit cautious. They haven't been in that position in this tournament, I knew if I put the ball in the right place, something would come my way."


Match summary


Imran Tahir

I can't complain, thanks for the support from back home and the people here. I've been thinking about this game and I'm really glad. I've got everything from South Africa, so I always say I have to give everything back.

I just try to do my role, it's an absolute honour and I'm loving it. There's some good and great players [in the team], just playing with them is a dream come true for me. It's a great feeling and motivates me every day. [Semi-final against NZ] We've been working really hard for this, it will depend how we play on the day.




Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara are talking to South African players and staffs. They are being congratulated by Sri Lanka teammates and staff and also by South African players. It does look like it will be the last World Cup for the Sri Lanka's legendary duo.


Imran Tahir's 4/26 has seen him being named Man of the Match.


Quinton de Kock's unbeaten knock of 78 will be a relief for him and also for South Africa as the wicket keeping batsman was struggling with form in the group stages.


South Africa win by 9 wickets and make it to the semi final of the 2015 ICC World Cup.


Over 18: South Africa 134 for 1: Quinton de Kock 78 (57), Faf du Plessis 21 (31)

Malinga is brought back into the attack. A slower delivery to De Kock and he finds the gap between cover and point. Gets three runs. Du Plessis nudges it to third man for a single. De Kock slices it to backward point and gets an easy double. A short pitch delivery is called a wide. Two more dot balls. FOUR, De Kock slashes it through extra cover and it is the end of the match. South Africa win by nine wickets.


Over 17: South Africa 123 for 1: Quinton de Kock 69 (52), Faf du Plessis 20 (30)

Kaushal is back into the attack and De Kock gets three runs off the first ball. Two more dot balls is followed after that. Du Plessis flicks it fine of fine leg and gets a double. Short leg takes a catch and umpire is not interested as it got off the pads. An inside edge hits Du Plessis the pads to end the over.


Over 16: South Africa 118 for 1: Quinton de Kock 66 (51), Faf du Plessis 18 (25)

Dilshan is brought back into the attack. Du Plessis places it between cover and point and gets a double off the first ball, followed by an easy single. De Kock finds the gap once again on the off side and gets a double. He goes down the ground and Malinga is forced to cover the ground. De Kock gets two more runs. A dot ball is followed by a single to finish the over.


Over 15: South Africa 110 for 1: Quinton de Kock 61 (47), Faf du Plessis 15 (23)

Thisara Perera replaces Chameera and he starts his spell to Du Plessis. After a dot ball off the first delivery, he takes a single. FOUR, De Kock hits it front of square and gets a boundary. Well timed shot from the South African opener. It is followed by a dot ball.

FOUR, De Kock is in a hurry to finish the match and smashes it to over cow corner. The fielder dives to take the catch, but puts it down at the last moment and also pushes it for a boundary. A wide on the leg side is followed by a dot ball to finish the over.


Over 14: South Africa 100 for 1: Quinton de Kock 53 (45), Faf du Plessis 14 (21)

De Kock sweeps first ball of Kaushal's over to fine leg and gets a double. A dot ball is followed by a single. A dot ball from Du Plessis is followed by one more quick single. That brings SOUTH AFRICA's 100. De Kock ends the over with a dot ball.


Over 13: South Africa 96 for 1: Quinton de Kock 50 (39), Faf du Plessis 13 (19)

Chameera continues to De Kock. FOUR, he smashes it through mid on for a long on boundary. FOUR, Chameera bowls a huge wide and it misses the keeper completely and races to the boundary. FOUR, De Kock tries to pull it and it hits his helmet and the ball races to the boundary. 4 leg byes.

De Kock smashes it to square leg and that went into like a bullet to deep square leg. He moves on to 49. Du Plessis takes a single after a dot ball. One more wide on the leg side. De Kock finishes the over with a single to square leg and that bring's DE KOCK's 50.


Over 12: South Africa 79 for 1: Quinton de Kock 44 (35), Faf du Plessis 12 (17)

Kaushal continues and Du Plessis gets off the strike with a single off the first ball. There was a chance of a catch, but the ball falls in no man's land away from short leg. No run taken and De Kock sweeps it to fine leg and gets one run. Du Plessis finishes the over with a dot ball.


Over 11: South Africa 77 for 1: Quinton de Kock 43 (33), Faf du Plessis 11 (13)

Dushmantha Chameera is the new man introduced into the attack. Du Plessis takes a single off the first ball. He has two slips in place for De Kock and starts with a dot ball. FOUR, a beautiful cover drive helps the ball race to the extra cover boundary.

FOUR, no ball called and De Kock pulls it through deep square leg boundary. That was a harsh call on Chameera. FRE HIT and ends in a dot ball. A wide is followed by a single towards deep midwicket. Du Plessis flicks it to long leg and gets a double. A short pitch delivery and Sri Lankan players appeal, it is called wide by the umpire. Du Plessis finishes the over with a single to third man. 17 runs from it.