It's hard to put into words quite how mind-blowing a 145in 8K television is, but let us at least try to put into writing what it's like to gawp at Panasonic's latest creation.

Panasonic 8k TV

Before we get to the details, this television is not for sale and won't be for some time - we're only just seeing 4K televisions go on sale, but with five-figure prices and very little 4K content available for them yet.

Doubling the resolution again is, quite frankly, insane, but this spectacular plasma screen is at least a glimpse into the future when regular 1080p HD footage will look like an old and slightly battered VHS tape in comparison to 8K.

To give you an idea of the resolution, it's the equivalent of 16 1080p HD screens and the detail produced is simply phenomenal, with the demonstration footage of blossom falls from trees and lions roaming around causing journalists to stop and stare.

We're pretty sure a few gasps were heard, too.

Panasonic 8K TV

Called Super Hi Vision, 8K is nothing more than an example of what can be achieved, a technical showcase, but no doubt a teaser of the kind of television you or I could have in our own living rooms in the future.

The screen has been created by Panasonic in partnership with the broadcaster NHK and the sheer size of it - admittedly we were viewing it from around five feet - gives off an IMAX sense that the picture is not just in front of you, but wrapped around you and covering your peripheral vision.

NHK said that it hopes to start broadcasting 8K resolution in 2020, so we've got at least eight years yet before this television even becomes close to reality, but at least know that the future of television is far beyond merely high definition.

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