I'm a Celebrity star Amy Willerton in the Hang Glider from Hell
Willerton won seven stars in her first bush tucker trial (I's a Celebrity)

I'm a Celebrity star Amy Willerton proved there's more to her than beauty queen looks as she faced her first bush tucker trial.

The Hang-Glider From Hell saw her suspended in a narrow glass box high above the jungle canopy. The trial involved reading numbers on the ground and using the codes to open a series of padlocks to retrieve each star. While the correct code in the right padlock would release a star, a code in an incorrect padlock would release 40,000 creepy-crawlies into her glass cabin.

The model had earlier expressed doubts about why the public had chosen her for the trial.

"I suppose you don't know whether it's a good or bad thing and it's really hard to predict what the public are thinking. I don't know, I'm just really nervous," she said. "Maybe they want to torture me, I'm not sure."

But with 10 stars to collect in 10 minutes, a determined Willerton told show hosts Ant and Dec: "I'm definitely up for it."

Successfully releasing a star on her first attempt, the second code resulted in the model being deluged with insects. Appearing unruffled, Willerton continued the task with jungle bugs crawling all over her.

"Oh c**p, they got in my sleeve," she said. "Oh, that feels horrible."

The 21-year-old managed to collect a total of seven stars for the camp. Evidently proud of completing the ariel challenge, she commented: "I stink now. I stink of cockroaches and whatever else was in there with me. But that was awesome and the best thing of all I've got seven stars to take back."

Making her triumphant return to camp, Willerton announced to the waiting celebrities: "Howdy campers. Well we're eating tonight, let's put it that way."

"Not only is Amy a Beauty Queen, she's got nerves of steel," said Steve Davis.

With the camp dining on crocodile tail and sweet potato Amy added: "I felt so proud. I got that food. I did it."

In tonight's episode (23 November) Strictly Come Dancing Star Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles have their first taste of I'm a Celebrity life as they work the nightshift in the Outback Factory, with some unexpected jungle guests for company.

I'm a Celebrity is on Saturday on ITV1 from 9.25pm.