Amazing video taken in Kyushu, Japan shows a huge eruption of the Sakurajima volcano.

Footage from the scene shows plumes of ash racing upwards as the active volcano once again erupts, and is set to spill volcanic ash on the surrounding region.

Sakurajima is considered an active level-three volcano by Japan's meteorological society, which means that it is dangerous to approach.

The volcano was previously an island until a huge eruption in the early 20th century sent lava down to the water and created a link to the surrounding land. That eruption also killed 58.

Researchers in 2016 said that the volcano, although currently active, is due a major eruption within the next 30 years with huge magma reservoirs accumulating in the volcano.

"What we have discovered is not just how the magma flows into the reservoir, but just how great the reservoir is becoming." Lead author James Hickey said at the time.

"The 1914 eruption measured about 1.5 kilometres cubed in volume – a massive event. From our data we think it would take around 130 years for the volcano to store the same amount of magma for another eruption of a similar size - meaning we are around 25 years away."

The eruption on Tuesday (5 June) was a smaller one than that predicted but it was reported that the great plumes of smoke rose to 10,000ft.