Afghan Taliban arrests Isis commander and 45 others for anti-Islamic activities
Indian Isis fighter who killed dozens returns home due to low pay from militant group Reuters

An Indian jihadist fighting on behalf of the Islamist militant group Islamic State (formerly known as Isis) in warzones in Iraq and Syria returned home alleging the insurgent organisation did not pay him enough.

Areeb Majeed, who is reported to have killed at least 55 people in the battle, was intercepted by Indian intelligence authorities while he was in Turkey earlier.

Investigators from India's Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) are currently grilling the suspect for information.

During interrogation, Majeed has allegedly said he was planning to return to India as the Sunni Islamist group, which is the richest terror network in the world, did not pay him.

"He [Majeed] is suspected to have killed around 55 people as part of Isis and he returned because he was not paid by the terrorist group," a senior IB official was quoted as saying by Indian daily Mid Day.

Investigators have also said there is little possibility that the suspect has returned for this reason and have not ruled he was planted by the extremist group to carry out attacks in India.

The Mumbai-based suspect has confessed he was radicalised after he visited an online chat room.

"During interrogation, Majeed claimed he used to read a lot about jihad. He came in touch with a group in an internet chat room which motivated him to work for jihad and join the cause of Isis. He told police that after chatting with the group for over a month, he expressed his desire to work for Isis. He was given the mobile number of one Abu Ali. He was strictly told not to contact Abu Ali before he reached Mosul," another unnamed senior official at a security establishment told Times of India.

Law enforcement agencies have also urged to step up the vigilance in the country, in the wake of the latest security challenges thrown in by the development.