Thousands of left-wing, anti-Tory activists have descended on Birmingham, as the Conservatives hold their annual conference in the second city today (2 October).

The anti-austerity protesters, including members of the Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party and Communist Party of Great Britain, crammed into Victoria Square, a stone's throw from the Hyatt Hotel and the International Conference Centre where the Tory get-together is being held.

West Midlands Police, who have boosted officer numbers for the major event, have warned Conservative delegates to take off their lanyards outside the conference centre to avoid trouble. One delegate, who had not followed the guidance, told IBTimes UK he was called a "c**t" as he made his way past the protest.

But there was a carnival-style atmosphere in Victoria Square and activists were in cheerful spirits when approached by IBTimes UK. Watch the video above for more news from the event.