Photos believed to show an iPad 3 prototype have appeared online that show a strange bulge on the case, possibly housing a new connector port.

The photos, first appearing on tech blog, show the rear of what is claimed to be a prototype iPad 3. The case shows the familiar Apple logo and the word 'iPad', but what's interesting is a bulge in the lower-right side.

iPad 3?
This apparent iPad 3 prototype shows a mysterious port, but no camera

This bulge seem to indicate a port at the bottom of the device, which is strange give that Apple always locates ports in the center. The apparent bulge could indicate another port to feature in the iPad 3, possibly for HDMI.

Strangely, this apparent prototype does not have a rear camera -- or indeed a hole for one -- and it would seem that the volume controls and mute switch are also missing, suggesting that this product is actually a very early prototype of the original iPad, or a fake. has also posted what it believes the iPad 3 will be like, stating a design 20 percent thinner than the current iPad 2, a screen resolution of 2048x1536, and a lighter - but more expensive - battery.

Interestingly, the Web site believes the iPad 3 will support wireless charging technology, so the tablet can be charged and - thanks to iCloud, due next week - synced wirelessly. Palm uses inductive charging technology on its Pre phone, offering a charging dock on which the phone can be placed to charge without wires.

Wireless charging would certainly be welcomed by Apple, a company famed for simplicity and keeping cables to a minimum.