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Apple's next-generation Smartphone has been the most anticipated device which is simply named as iPhone 5. Plenty of rumours about the iPhone 5 features and release date are doing the rounds. The concept designs of iPhone 5 are rife on the internet. The designers have come up with the innovative and stylish iPhone 5 concept designs. Probably, users will have to wait to get their hands on iPhone 5 which is expected to launch in September/October.

Check out the most expected features of iPhone 5

[1] 4G LTE

According to recent rumours, one can expect a 4G LTE-enabled iPhone 5. Undeniably, users could enjoy high speed browsing, which would be ten times faster than 3G.

[2] Display

The latest iPhone 5 rumours point to a 3.5-inch retina display screen. It could include a resolution of 1280x70 pixels.

[3] iOS 6

The iPhone 5 is expected to come with an iOS 6 which could be more powerful than iOS 5.1. Perhaps, it could provide excellent features to the users. Moreover, the iPhone 4S provided the finest features like Siri and iCloud.

[4] Micro dock connector

According to iMore, it is reported that Apple could introduce a smaller "micro dock" in iPhone 5. However, it could make space for the other components in the smartphone.

For the moment, start the slideshow to check out the amazing concept designs of iPhone 5: