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iPhone 5S Photos in Tech Sites and Blogs shoplemonde.de

The iPhone 5S and its budget sibling, the iPhone 5C, are scheduled for a Sept 20 release date but new indicators seem pointing to a same day global rollout for the two iOS smartphones, which is on Sept 10.

Apple has announced that it will host a media event Tuesday next week, purportedly to formally release the final iOS 7 version. It goes without saying that new gadgets to showcase the new mobile OS prowess will be pushed out in the same occasion, namely the high-end iPhone 5S and the relatively cheaper 5C.

It is said that nothing much have changed as far as the 5S is concerned. Analysts believe it will look a lot like the iPhone 5 though there will be some marked bump ups inside the device like faster processor, fingerprint scanner and denser screen pixel thanks to the enhanced Retina display panel.

The 5C, on the other hand, is a bit of a step down when compared to its 5S sibling. Its mid-range components will be wrapped in a plastic casing that will come in various colours. The two, however, will share the 4-inch screen size first introduced by Apple via the iPhone 5.

All these details will get their confirmation a few days from now but the chance is high that on Sept 10, the tech giant will start selling the iPhone 5S and 5C right on the day that they were unboxed.

Below are the evidences supporting such possibility:

Synched media events in U.S. and China

The invites are out as Apple requests the attendance of journalists for its pre-announced media functions in San Francisco, California. Many foresee this coming as this has been the Apple way each time a major event is coming up. It wants the world to see what needs to be seen.

And that exactly will be case on next week as on Sept 11, a similar event will be held in China, according to CNET. Citing Sina Tech as its source, CNET reported that Apple invitations were distributed on Wednesday for tech writers to flock on Beijing's World Trade Centre.

If memory serves, this is the first time that Apple will host two events with a single aim of informing the world about its new products and really quick. Could it be that something big from the tech titan is in the offing?

Stocks of iPhone 5S, 5C are already sitting in U.S. warehouses

Freshly-leaked images recently showed the 5C packaging and manuals, strongly implying that units of the budget iPhone and that of the 5S have been completed and ready to roll out. This is not totally impossible, according to MacRumors, dropping too its bombshell by claiming that ready-to-use and newly-minted iPhones are now locked inside Apple's U.S storage facilities.

"Apple is already beginning to stockpile units in the United States for quick distribution to carrier partners, other third-party retail partners, and its own channels," MacRumors said, pointing to an unknown Apple insider as the source of its information.

If such is the case, then it should be the same on the other side of the word, particularly in China where the gadgets were actually assembled by Foxconn and Pegatron workers. These new developments line up with earlier claims that Apple is releasing both the 5S and the 5C on the same day that they will be launched.

The aim is to get a huge headstart and collect record revenues in ending the September 2013 quarter.

Should that materialise, Apple fans can therefore expect an earlier iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release date.