iPhone 5 mockup by Michal Bonikowski
iPhone 5 mockup by Michal Bonikowski Yanko Design

The Taiwanese companies and factories responsible for manufacturing Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices have reportedly begun preparing the necessary materials for a September launch.

A report from Digitimes suggested that the factories had begun taking the necessary steps to ensure that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be ready for launch in September and subsequent worldwide distribution in October.

The unnamed source told Digitimes that Apple is planning an initial production run of between six to seven million iPhone 5 devices. It also added to the iPad 3 rumour mill, once again speculating that the new iPad 3 would be slimmer, lighter and equipped with a better screen than the current iPad 2.

The iPhone 5 has already been widely speculated to be set for release this September, with two anonymous Apple employees reportedly having confirmed the news to Bloomberg late last month.

The news comes just as the company's current year-old iPhone 4 model's fortunes have begun to wane. Just today it was revealed that for the second month in a row the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S2 beat it in dedicated sales.

As always, all enquiries to Apple regarding the authenticity of Digitimes' report have been met with silence.

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