Iran Drone
Undated picture shows member of Iran's revolutionary guard pointing at U.S. RQ-170 unmanned spy plane as he speaks with Hajizadeh at unknown location in Iran - Reuters Reuters

Iran's Revolutionary Guard claims to have captured a "foreign spy drone" during an Iranian military drill in the south-eastern part of the country.

"A foreign spy drone was hacked outside the field of Payambar-e Azam 8 wargames on Saturday," General Hamid Sarkhelli, the spokesperson of the wargames, told reporters.

"While probing signals in the area, we spotted foreign and enemy drones which attempted to enter the area of the war game. We were able to get one enemy drone to land," said the official, according to the IRNA agency.

It is not certain if the captured drone belongs to the US while Washington has so far not commented on the issue. Iran has seized American drones on previous occasions.

Iran has been testing its latest drones and cyber warfare units in the ongoing military drill codenamed Payambar-e-Azam 8 in Kerman province.

The Iranian army says the drills are aimed at testing the combat readiness of its forces.

"For the first time, our special modern warfare task forces are conducting specialised operations. In the other phases of the wargames, the reconnaissance as well as suicide drones, which are capable of attacking the enemies, have been used and their operational capabilities came under assessment," said Sarkhelli.

He added that Iranian cyber experts managed to tap mock-enemies' communications using their latest cyber weapons.