Iran's anti-drone lessons
Iran to teach high school students how to hunt spy drones (Reuters)

Iran is planning to add lessons on hunting enemy drones to its high-school curriculum.

The move is part of the country's strategy to deal with the US pilotless drone programme.

"This year, we will witness changes in the contents, teachers and teaching hours of the defensive preparedness lesson," said senior army official Brigadier General Ali Fazli, adding that the new curriculum will include lessons on "hunting of spy drones," according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

Iran has earlier claimed to have hunted US drones that allegedly encroached on its airspace.

"On the first day of wargames, the IRGC's (Islamic Republic Guards Corps) electronic warfare systems detected signals showing that alien drones were trying to enter the country (airspace)," said Iran following a drone capture earlier this year.

The latest move follows recent reports of unmanned aircraft flights in the region.

Iran has been placed under an economic embargo over its contentious nuclear programme, which the west believes is linked to atomic weapons.

"Perhaps some time ago there were some drones which sought to enter the country and they were hunted down or a number of drones came close to the country's borders and then receded, but at present they are not seen and the enemy is afraid of sending drones to Iran. This shows that the country's eastern and northeastern borders have been reinvigorated so well those flights have severely decreased, but we are still vigilant," said Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli, a senior IRGC official.