Israel's air force bombed a militant target in Lebanon on Friday (August 23) in retaliation for a cross-border rocket salvo on Thursday (August 22), a spokesman said.

The "terror site", as an Israeli military source called it, that was bombed was near Na'ameh, between Beirut and Sidon.

A Lebanese security source confirmed that a rocket hit an area near Na'ameh, south of the Lebanese capital Beirut, near a network of tunnels used by the PFLP-GC in hills overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

He said the rocket caused a 5-metre (16-foot) crater, but no casualties.

Lebanon's local Al-Manar television quoted a spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command as saying the PFLP-GC was surprised it was targeted because the earlier rocket fire was claimed by a separate al Qaeda-linked Sunni Muslim group.

Israel briefly invaded Lebanon during an inconclusive 2006 conflict with Hezbollah and are technically at war.

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