An explosion near the Israel-Lebanon border has left four IDF soldiers wounded according to a military spokesman.

The four, who were patrolling the frontier with Lebanon, are being treated at the hospital in Nahariya. The area has been largely quiet since war with the militant Shiite group Hezbollah exploded in 2006.

A Lebanese security source told Reuters the incident may have taken place north of the border fence which separates Israeli and Lebanese forces, but on the Israeli side of a UN-designated "blue line" between the two countries.

The Al-Nashra website said the army patrol car allegedly crossed the border lines and was struck by explosives about 150 metres into Lebanese territory. The soldiers may have been wounded by a mine, according to some reports.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the incident that Israel would "continue to act responsibly to defend Israel's borders, as was done overnight." He sent well wishes to the wounded soldiers, and added: "We will continue to protect our state."