Hamas is reported to have arrested several Islamic Jihad militants who were responsible for the latest rocket attack on Israel following which the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) launched airstrikes.

Multiple local media outlets have confirmed that arrests over the incident have been made by Hamas, the organisation that primarily controls the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has also deployed its fighters in key areas to prevent escalation of violence and urged the pro-Palestine groups to restrain themselves. Sources have told Israel Radio that any fighting is against Palestinian interests.

The development has come after Israel launched airstrikes pounding the installations of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees near the Gaza airport after rockets were fired from Gaza Strip.

No casualties have been reported but the IDF said militant targets were destroyed. In a short statement, the IDF insisted Hamas is responsible for the rocket fire. The installations, suspected to be training centres, were empty after early warnings were issued.

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon said: "Israel has no intention of ignoring rocket fire on its citizens, the likes of which was perpetrated by the Islamic Jihad last night."

Adding that Gaza "will pay heavy price" if fighting intensifies, Ya'alon said in the statement: "Hamas better restrain any attempts to open fire toward Israel or provoke it; otherwise we will have to act more forcefully. I wouldn't advise anyone to test us."

"We see Hamas as responsible for what happens in the Gaza Strip. It would be better for Hamas to rein in all attempts to fire at Israel and provocations. Otherwise we will have no choice but to respond with even greater force."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also responded to the fighting, saying it will not scale down its defence.

In a short address to the media, Netanyahu said: "The IDF acted immediately and forcefully in response to this [rocket] fire. That is our policy. We will do whatever is needed to preserve the quiet that was achieved in Operation Protective Edge."