Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reuters

The Israeli Government has warned it is determined to prevent provocations at Ben Gurion Airport as some 500 activists are expected to land in Israel in coming days.

Despite the Israeli government's warning, they maintain their aim is to visit Bethlehem and allow visitors into Palestinian villages where entry is restricted.

The Netanyahu administration has been gearing up for the protests and a special status evaluation was held on Tuesday as officials surveyed the various steps government agencies will take to prevent provocations at the airport.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed on preparations by the internal security minister and police commissioner on Wednesday, sources say.

The organised pro-Palestine event come just as the Israeli PM is expected to visit Romania and Bulgaria this week as the government aims to enlist their support against the Palestinian recognition bid.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that some 40 organizations have confirmed their participation in the Welcome to Palestine campaign to be carried out between July 8 and July 16.

According to activists the trip will include a tour of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and the Jordan Valley.

The Israeli press also reported that as part of efforts to prevent damages to Israel's reputation in light of Friday's planned flight, a special operations room where the events will be mentored by the relevant officials will be established at Ben Gurion airport Thursday night.

Representatives from the Foreign Ministry, the Aviation Authority, the Internal Security Ministry, police representatives, Prime Minister's Office officials and others will be present in the operations room which will work nonstop until the last of the flight participants is in Israel.

"We expect that some 500 pro-Palestinian activists will attempt to land in Israel from Europe in the coming days, with a large mass expected on Friday," an element at the Public Security Ministry said. "They will try to create provocations. We are not familiar with them all but will urge the airlines to prevent those we do know from boarding the planes."

He said that activists identified at the airport as seeking provocation will not be allowed in Israel and will be sent back to their countries. Those who will riot at the airport or refuse to head back will be transferred to a special airport facility or turned over to the Prison Service.

Strict security measures will also be implemented and all the passengers will be checked in advance for potential to "cause provocations", officials have said. Activists identified as such will be personally escorted out of the planes and police plan to place officers on all aircraft.

"One mustn't forget that these activists are not armed," a police told reporters. "The officers were instructed to prevent all provocations and will clear the rioters in an orderly fashion."

Reports also alleged that the Director General of the Foreign Ministry Rafi Barak sent missives to a number of Israeli deputations in Europe and the US with citizens who are planning to take part in the flight.

Meanwhile, airlines are preparing for the possibility that dozens or perhaps hundreds of European passengers will be detained at the airport before deportation. "It's possible that the foreign airlines will ban the passengers from flying back with them because of their violent potential," one source at the aviation industry said.

Tom Innes, the spokesman of the flight from Britain, told Ynet, an Israeli news agency that the organizers of the Fly in are expecting a total of between 500 and 700 participants. He also explained that the groups were not visiting Israel, but the current situation is forcing them to go through Israeli crossings to reach Bethlehem, before adding that he hoped the Israeli government would allow it.

He further denied any intent to cause a violent disruption at the airport, saying those arriving in the fly-in were "just tourists invited by Palestinian friends to stay in Bethlehem."