Israeli Submarines
An Israeli Dolphin-class submarine docks at a Haifa port. Reuters

Germany is apparently equipping Israel with submarines which are fully capable of carrying nuclear warheads, suggests a report.

Three such submarines are built by the German shipyard HDW in the city of Kiel. They have already been sent to Israel, from which the missiles can be launched using a secret hydraulic system.

Israel is reportedly planning to order three more submarines from Germany, which would be ready for delivery in 2017.

According to a report by Spiegel magazine, the German government is helping Israel with nuclear capabilities.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the magazine that Germany can now be proud of securing the state of Israel for many years.

Immediately after the deployment of the last submarine, Russia Today reported Barak as saying, "[This is yet another] force multiplier in terms capabilities and strength of Israel's defence forces."

However the German government so far declined to officially comment anything about Israel's nuclear programme and the deployment of nuclear missiles on German vessels. Yet, some former German officials suspects that Israeli navy would deploy nuclear missiles on the submarines, according to the report.

It also added that the Germany knew well about Israel's nuclear capabilities decades ago.

Only recently the German government finalised the contract for the sixth submarine which came with a huge concession for the Israelis. One-third of the cost will be taken care by Berlin while Israel had to pay only two-third of the cost which can also be deferred until 2025.

However, the deal allegedly is accompanied by certain conditions from the chancellor Angela Merkel. Israel was asked to stop its expansionist settlement policy and also to allow the completion of a German financed sewage treatment plant in the Gaza strip.

Israel has so far maintained its nuclear ambiguity and never officially stated about its nuclear programme.

The country has not signed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is not yet officially recognised as a nuclear nation, however it is believed to posses hundreds of nuclear warheads.