Israel has deployed Iron Dome missile battery in the Eilat region near the restive Sinai Peninsula as the unrest in Egypt threatens to snowball.

The deployment by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has come as a last-minute move, said a spokesman.

Scores of people in Egypt have pledged to take to the streets in protesting against army-backed interim administration as part of 'Friday protests.'

The day also coincides with 10<sup>th of Ramadan month marking the 40<sup>th anniversary of 1973 war with Israel.

Israel's latest move has come amid Egyptian army's ongoing operation in Sinai region to combat the Islamist militants, who are exploiting the ongoing unrest.

The operation by Egypt's Armed Forces is likely to include special forces, armoured units and combat helicopters.

During the latest attack by militants, a security official was shot dead and another was injured.

Around 40 attacks have taken place in the region since Morsi's removal in Egypt.

Sinai-based Islamic militant outfit Salafi Jihadi had earlier vowed to launch attacks on security forces, citing "current events ravaging the country" as their motivation.

The Islamist groups in Sinai played a key role in the unrest which swept Egypt in 2011, and brought attacks on several Israeli targets and Egyptian security forces.

Meanwhile, two rockets fired from Gaza landed in open areas of Western Negev.