The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has deployed an Iron Dome battery in the Haifa region strategically located near Syria amid simmering tensions in the region.

IDF officials said the anti-missile batteries are stationed considering the situation in a particular area.

"Syria is still bleeding, and in Lebanon the flames have started to creep up on [Hezbollah's chief Hassan] Nasrallah," said the IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, adding that the Israeli Air Force is "the strategic arm of the IDF; it can make our enemies pay, anytime, anywhere".

Speaking at a graduation ceremony he said: "The region is shaking, from south to north. Syria is haemorrhaging blood, and in Lebanon, the fire has begun to catch the edge of Nasrallah's robe. In the face of this changing reality, we must be prepared, coordinated and alert, more than ever. You, the graduates, have from now on an inseparable part in safeguarding our readiness against these challenges."

Recently, a military exercise was also conducted near the region bordering Syria in the Golan Heights which was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya'alon.

Israel made it obvious that the manoeuvres were intended to send a warning signal over the ongoing conflict in Syria.

"An exercise on the Golan Heights is not just a theoretical exercise. The situation around us has changed swiftly. It is volatile and dynamic, and we need to be prepared accordingly," Netanyahu said shortly after the drill.