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Israeli soldiers walk together after leaving Lebanon near the Israeli-Lebanon border Reuters

Fifty Israeli teenagers have refused to join the military because of the country's West Bank settlement policies, and have written an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The letter, published on the Facebook page of Israeli Pacifist group Yesh Gvul (There is a Limit), criticises Israeli "human rights violations", specifically its settlement-building in the West Bank.

"The main reason for our refusal is our opposition to the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the army," the letter read.

"There are actions that are considered war crimes according to international law on a daily basis such as assassinations, extrajudicial killings, building of settlements on the Palestinian territories, administrative detentions, torturing, collective punishment and unequal distribution of resources such as water and electricity.

"The problem in the military system is not limited to the confines of its effect on the Palestinian society, but seeps into the daily lives of the Israeli society as well."

Military service is a compulsory aspect of life in Israel, where men have to serve for three years and women for two. Refusal to enlist in the military results in a prison sentence unless you can prove that you are unfit to serve.

A recent report released by Amnesty International accused "trigger-happy" Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers of using disproportionate violence in the occupied West Bank, killing dozens in recent years.

It accuses Israel of killing 45 Palestinians in the last three years and wounding thousands "who did not appear to be posing a direct and immediate threat to life".

Fifa was recently urged to reconsider Israel's membership of the footballing body after two Palestinians were shot in the feet, ending their careers.

Meanwhile, Israel recently claimed to have intercepted a vessel in the Red Sea, loaded with M302 rockets, which was destined for Gaza.