An Israeli shopping website claimed to have detected the location of the hacker who leaked the credit cards details of tens of thousands of Israelis last week.

A spokesperson for the website, which has not revealed his identity, posted a statement on Pastebin saying they have detected the IP address of 0xOmar, the hacker who claimed to have stolen and published the details of up to 400,000 active Israeli credit cards.

They started tracing his IP address after the hacker managed to break into the shopping website after exploiting a security loophole in its content managing system.

"He's located in Dubai, UAE. We have a lot of proof of it. We'll forward all proof to the police. They'll take care of him," the statement read.

0xOmar claimed last week to be a Saudi Arabian from the hacking group Anonymous. "Hi, it's OxOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia," read a statement posted on an Israeli sports website. "We are anonymous Saudi Arabian hackers."

Links in the statement led to websites containing details of Israeli credit cards, as well as cards used to purchase merchandise from "Judaism" websites and those used to donate to "Israeli Zionist Rabbis".

"My message to 0xOmar, wait for Mossad, he's coming," the statement on Pastebin said. "Wait for a knock knock on your door and you'll see our power in detecting hackers."

The development came following the arrest of an 18-year-old man from northern Israel on suspicion of using the credit card numbers published by 0xOmar to illegally purchase a smartphone, tablet computer and home cinema system.