Two beautiful islands in Sicily's Aeolian archipelago have now become "sex pilgrimage" sites due to to their magical aphrodisiac powers. The islands of Stromboli and Filicudi are known as "fertility atolls" which believers claim have the ability to raise one's libido.

Locals say the islands' relaxing environment entices couples to unearth and enhance their passions and desires. They believe the warm thermal waters, the lava flow scars and the intriguing grottoes all contribute to a sensual cocktail that stirs unbridled urges. Anyone seeking to bring back lost passions in the bedroom are said to recover in these islands.

Honeymooners from all over the world as well as couples wanting to conceive have been flocking to these islands. With its pristine and wild yet stunning volcanic landscape, Stromboli is home to one of the world's most active volcanoes. It is said to have the most aphrodisiac effects. Young women hoping to find a lover as they whisper other carnal wishes are often seen praying in front of odd-looking sea stacks.

According to an article on CNN, Stromboli's incomparable nocturnal scents and even the pungent air are mostly to blame for its sensual ardour. It is home to an unusual plant species called cestrum nocturnum or as the locals call it, Lady of the Night. It is said to release a hypnotic fragrance at night which boosts one's libido.

A local wine trader, Maria Puglisi explains the mysterious sensations: "Its fragrance is so strong, so overpowering, that it can cause a pleasant dizziness and it lingers until the first hours of the morning. Most dwellings here have this plant on the porch or in front of the main door. It makes you feel good."

Cestrum nocturnum's aroma is said to combat stress and eases daily tensions. Locals are proud of this indigenous plant and its powers which they strongly claim have Viagra-like properties.

The nearby island of Filicudi on the other hand, offers "sexy" natural phallic elements and secluded grottoes which are said to be frequented by couples that end up in the throes of passion while taking shelter from the sun.

Local fishermen often drop-off couples in these so-called "fertility caves" at the same time offering boat tour services to single ladies where they let them touch unusually shaped rocks believed to offer luck in love.

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