The website of 2dayfm radio, who is still hosting the “royal prank call”, has been inundated with insults.
The website of 2dayfm radio, who is still hosting the “royal prank call”, has been inundated with insults. (2radiofm)

The Australian radio station that broadcast the hoax phone call to the King Edward VII's Hospital, where Kate Middleton was being treated for acute morning sickness, has been caught in a furious backlash following the death of the nurse who took the prank call.

Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse who was staffing the hospital's switchboard when the call came in, was found dead at an address close to the hospital just before 9.30am today.

Saldhanha took the phone call on Wednesday from two Australian DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, who were pretending to be the Queen and Prince Philip asking after Kate's condition.

The website of 2dayfm radio, which is still hosting the "royal prank call", has been inundated with furious comments.

"And the result of this prank is the death of the person taking the call. These two should now resign or if not then sacked by Monday," reads one comment.

"Shame on you both - should be struck off," reads another.

"Well done you now have the death of an innocent woman on your hands are you laughing now you stupid a*s h*les you play with others' lives just for a laugh," says a third.

"Childish, stupid and cruel. You should be ashamed of yourselves," a user called Eels says. "Regardless of the identity of the mother, a lady should have her privacy respected. It wasn't funny and I hope the station has the guts and the decency to fire you both. Are you still laughing now?"

"Happy? Your families must be so proud of you for pulling this one - you never will understand the full results of your actions - but you both are responsible to some point for the death of a woman who was just supporting her family and doing her job," user mickey5432 says.

"This radio station should be disgusted. The presenters and producer should be put in a room with the nurse's family," reads another one.

Greig said shortly after the broadcast of the stunt: "This is by far the best prank I've ever been involved in ... it seemed so far-fetched to us but it actually worked. It's definitely a career highlight."

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