Tom Hiddleston
The actor stars in the BBC show The Night Manager as undercover agent Jonathan Pine. John Phillips / Getty

Tom Hiddleston struck a chord with the audience in his portrayal of the British undercover agent Jonathan Pine in the crime drama Night Manager. Pine, 35, was so impressive in his role as the spy that fans couldn't help but anticipate the actor being cast as the ultimate secret agent Hollywood has seen, James Bond. But, much to the dismay of his fans, Hiddleston turned down all the James Bond rumours during his recent appearance on the Graham Norton show.

Speaking about being cast as the coveted agent 007 in the popular Bond movies, the Crimson Peak actor said, "The thing is the position isn't vacant as far as I am aware. No one has talked to me about it." Talking about the speculations about the English actor playing Bond, Hiddleston suggested that his portrayal of John Le Carre's acclaimed character in the hit BBC adaptation is to be blamed.

"I think the rumours have all come about because in the Night Manager I play a spy and people have made the link," the actor explained.

While Hiddleston might not be officially a part of the Bond franchise, he seems to be one big fan of the spy thriller. Earlier during an interview with the Esquire magazine, Hiddleston explained why Bond is such a treasure for the country. "I think it's because he represents an archetype. There's this idea of British strength which doesn't draw attention to itself but gets the job done. That's our brand."

The English actor further gushed over the Bond character, "We know it's inelegant to blow your own trumpet and impolite to show how much you care, and yet we expect you to win! You don't find it in France or Spain."

Another reason that is fuelling the casting rumours for James Bond movies could be the fact that Daniel Craig is rumoured to bid adieu to the series after Spectre. Whether Hiddleston or someone else, if the rumours are true, Bond makers would surely have to hunt for a new 007.