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Jenna Talackova, 23, was born a man but later underwent surgical procedures to become a woman. Now, following a long-standing dispute, Talackova has finally been allowed to participate in the Miss Universe contest, as Canada's entry.

Talackova was initially refused entry by the organisers who claimed contestants had to be born women, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"I am a woman. I was devastated, and I felt that excluding me for the reason that they gave was unjust. I have never asked for any special consideration. I only wanted to compete," Talackova complained when she was rejected.

Talackova and her attorney then tried convicing the organisers as well as American business magnate, Donald Trump, to allow her to compete; a plea, it seems, that has finally been granted.

"Mr Trump and the Miss Universe Organisation made the fair and just decision in allowing Jenna to compete in the Miss Universe 2012 Canada pageant." the Belfast Telegraph reports. Moreover, entrepreneur Trump also wished Talackova good luck for the 2012 Miss Universe.

Incidentally, since this will be the first time in the history of the contest that one of the contestants will not be a natural-born woman, it will be interesting to see how the judges question her.