Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is apparently still in touch with Chris Martin. Gwyneth Paltrow's estranged husband who is dating Annabelle Wallis, reportedly keeps a check on The Hunger Games star's whereabouts.

"It's a total role reversal," a source told Grazia magazine. "When Jen was dating Chris he always had one eye on Gwyneth, which was part of the reason they finally called it a day. Now he's with someone new it's as if history is repeating itself, and he keeps checking in with Jen. Privately, she's told friends that he seems to have a problem gaining closure from relationships," the insider added, as quoted by the Independent.

Lawrence and the 38-year-old Coldplay frontman started spending time together since June 2014, after she broke up with her on-off boyfriend and fellow actor Nicholas Hoult. They had become serious about their relationship and talked about their future together as well.

The two reportedly split in September, but were spotted together enjoying a dinner date at Kiwami Sushi in Studio City on New Year's Eve in 2014. Lawrence and Martin spent the Fourth of July weekend together in New York City.

In July, during an appearance at Comic-Con, she was quizzed about the rumours circulating around her personal life, including being pregnant. She said: "I'll break up with somebody and move in with them in one solid week."

"God, no—I' not pregnant!...I don't pay any attention. I can't. It's so fictional. There's no point in paying attention to it," she laughed.

"It's funny because...I'll always read stuff about other celebrities," she added. "Like I'll see like something on the cover of something and be like, 'Wow! They broke up?' You're like, 'Why are they...' and I'm like, 'What are you doing? You know none of this is real!'''