Did Jennifer Lopez have a wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars?

Did the "American Idol" judge (who was presenting the Oscar for Best Costume Design with Cameron Diaz) have a little... nip-slip incident?

The incident happened when the two women were introducing the category.

"It (the costume) should be tight enough to show that you are a woman," Cameron Diaz began.

"But loose enough to show that you are a lady," J.Lo added.

Unfortunately for her, J. Lo went one step further and demonstrated just how loose the gown should not be... that was the nip-slip.

As soon as the incident occurred, Twitter was busy with tweets. Here are a few samples...

Natasha ‏ @schuelove

"JLo's nip slip, Angelina's right leg, and Ryan Seacreast vs Sacha! Just a few ridiculous moments tonight!"

Kevin Conibear ‏ @KevinMConibear

"Well it's settled. No one will remember who won anything now, thanks to JLo's nip-slip."

Shannon ‏ @shananigins15

"With the plunging necklines of many of JLo's gowns we should be more surprised when she can get through a show WITHOUT a nip slip."

{Crystal} ‏ @OfficialCrystal

"JLo's ever-so-slight red carpet nip slip was intentional. She could've worn double-sided tape."

Now there is no denying the fact that J.Lo's dress do tend to have a really low neckline... but was this "nip-slip" accidental or intentional?