Some of the car enthusiasts in Geneva for the motor show on 2 March got the chance to get up close to Jenson Button's new McLaren-Honda F1 car, which he will drive for the resurrected team's debut season.

The 2009 world champion's slick new vehicle wowed the audience at the promotional party in Geneva alongside the International Motor Show.

Honda quit F1 as a manufacturer in 2008, but is returning this season as engine partner to former champion McLaren, who were powered by Mercedes units last year.

Asked about his new car for 2015, Button said: "I think the most important thing is the packaging; how small everything is, which is very useful. Because Formula One is all about aerodynamics, these big wings do a lot and all the little details, intricate details around here.

"And this is all improved by the amazing packaging that we've been able to achieve with the Honda power unit. So, yeah, that's the start of it. There are so many great things that hopefully we will see throughout this year on the Formula One grid."

The renewed partnership hopes to tap into past magic again this season, but faces an uphill battle, Button said.

"I think that one of the biggest challenges is every other manufacturer has a year's head-start on us, if you like. That's probably the most difficult thing. So we definitely have some catching up to do in certain areas. But the important thing is, there will be issues, but it's about getting through them as quick as possible and moving on, and I think that's something we're very good at."

McLaren-Honda has had a rough time in pre-season testing, with far-from-stellar times and a serious crash that resulted in Fernando Alonso being rushed to hospital with a concussion.

Button's new ride will make its competitive debut in Melbourne, Australia on 15 March to kick off the F1 season.