George Osborne's editorship of the London Evening Standard "makes a mockery" of the independence of the British media, a spokesman for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned on Friday (17 March).

The reaction comes just hours after the shock announcement from proprietor Evgeny Lebedev that the former Chancellor will succeed Sarah Sands in May.

The appointment has been met with a backlash after it emerged that Osborne would stay on as the MP for the Greater Manchester seat of Tatton, for which he earns an annual salary of £75,000.

"George Osborne's appointment as editor of the Evening Standard is yet another example of the establishment revolving door, a closely knit clique who are holding back the British people," the spokesperson for Corbyn told IBTimes UK.

"The appointment makes a mockery of the independence of the media. It takes multitasking to a new level and is an insult to the electors he is supposed to serve. We are looking forward to an early by-election so the people of Tatton are properly served in Parliament."

Osborne, 45, has acquired a string of jobs after he was booted out of Number 11 by Theresa May in the wake of the EU referendum last June. News of his latest appointment broke as the Conservatives held their Spring conference in Cardiff, Wales, with the move overshadowing May's keynote speech.

A senior party source looked caught off-guard when approached by IBTimes UK, admitting that he had no prior knowledge of Osborne's new journalism job."I wasn't aware of it, but I'm here [not in London]," the source said.