Jeremy Lin, the first American-born NBA player of ethnic Chinese heritage, has been at the receiving end of a whole lot of attention recently... all of it deservedly positive and laudatory.

In addition to the above distinction, Lin is actually also the first Harvard alumnus to play in the NBA since Ed Smith's 11-game season for the Knicks.

Check out some photographs of lanky Lin... and some fun facts too...

  • Lin's No. 17 jersey has been the league's most popular piece of merchandises (online sales) since February 4. Meanwhile, Knicks merchandise sales have been No.1 overall in the NBA since Lin's breakthrough game.
  • Five of the NBA's 10 most popular items are Knicks-related since "Linsanity" began.
  • His Chinese Wikipedia-style page (Baike) has picked 3.5 million hits.
  • Microblog hashtag "Lin Shuhao Craze Continues" using Jeremy Lin's Chinese name, has generated 73,500 messages.
  • Modell's Sporting Goods Inc. in Midtown Manhattan just can't keep Lin gear on their shelves; they've gone through multiple shipments of jerseys and T-shirts this weekend alone.
  • The Knicks have taken advantage of "Linsanity", raising average ticket prices by 27 percent since Lin scored 25 points off the bench against New Jersey.
  • Madison Square Garden stock has gone up 6.2 percent to $31.25 since the day before Lin started the Knicks on their five-game winning streak.