Jessie J might have shown her full strength in the successfull making of "The Voice" for BBC but she is not all that strong holding up a crazy maniac teenage stalker!

Apparently Jessie J has a hardcore teenage fan who will do anything to be like her. In fact, this stalker is so serious she broke her leg to look like Jessie (the singer suffered a fracture when she fell off a stage). The fan did the same to herself and sent a picture along with disturbing messages to Jessie.

"She's horrified this happened. Jessie's a really, really sensitive and kind girl who loves keeping in touch with her fans. But this incident was just too much for her and she ended up getting really frightened and upset. She was sad that a fan hurt herself to look like her - but she was also scared for her own safety. Now Jessie's on 'The Voice' and getting bigger and bigger, she knows it is time to review security and the risks to her. She loves her fans but these things are unavoidable in this day and age. It happens to all pop stars as they become bigger. It's one of the downfalls of fame. Jessie would prefer it wasn't this way," a source close to the star told The Sun.

Jessie removed her cast in October but will have to suffer the consequences of her fall forever.