A man is finding comfort in Christ after the image of Jesus 'appeared' in a patch of spilt fabric conditioner on his t-shirt.

Martin Andrews claims he was left stunned when the outline of the Son of God with his arms outstretched formed when he spilled fabric conditioner on his top.

"When the t-shirt's the right way up it doesn't really look like anything... but when you look at it the other way up it's really Him," he said.

"I showed my mates at work the picture and one of them said, 'I've heard you can find comfort in Jesus but you've found Jesus in Comfort!'" he added.

While many of Andrews' work-mates found the incident hilarious, the image has left the online community divided.

"It's a juggler hahahaha," oner viewer said.

Another wrote: "The Lord moves in mysterious ways......"

The image continues a trend of members of the public 'discovering' the Lord in unusual places.

In 2010, a Lancashire student who left the frying pan on after falling asleep said he was confronted with the image of Christ in his burnt pot when he woke up.

And earlier this year the image of what some people think looks like the Almighty appeared in the window of one of the hotel rooms of the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego.