Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh PA

Former model and bodybuilder Jodie Marsh has reportedly confessed that she is eager to meet a new man in the New Year, as she hasn't got intimate for a long time.

Marsh, 32, who gave an exclusive topless photo shoot with The Sun, said: "It's so long since I had sex, I feel like a virgin," she was quoted by the Sun.

The glamorous Essex girl, who is currently preparing to enter the body building competition, had a short romance with her personal trainer Brad Pearmain recently, but with that relationship now at an end, Marsh is looking for a man for herself, reported the Metro.

Speaking about her personal trainer Brad Permian, Marsh told the Sun, "I found out some really unsavoury things about Brad and knew I had to end it. I confronted him about some aspects of his past and he did a runner the next day."

"Seriously, nobody round where I live has seen him since. I'm disappointed as I had high hopes for Brad in spite of myself. I really fancied him and let him get close to me. But thank god I didn't sleep with him," Marsh added.

She said she found it very difficult to trust a man now. However, she was very fascinated by the actors Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy.

Asked about her New Year's resolution, Marsh told the Sun: "I hope to meet a man I can settle down with but I'm resolved to be content without one and just keep doing the things I love. Bring on 2012."