Is there a better WWE superstar than AJ Styles? While fans of The Phenomenal One will surely support him, there are many who would pick wrestlers like John Cena, Goldberg and The Undertaker.

While Styles' fans would point out that the superstar has had an awesome run following his debut at Royal Rumble in 2016. He was voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated's 2016 WWE wrestler of the year despite being a heel. And his fight with Cena at SummerSlam picked up the best match of the year honours.

The Cenation Leader's supporters, however, will argue that the 16-time WWE champion is a better star given his longevity in the ring and the number of titles he has won.

The argument as to who is the better wrestler has been answered by Styles himself in a recent interview. "Well, listen, you know, you become great by working with guys that are better than you. And I have no shame in letting you know that John Cena is better than me," he said.

Styles also said that working with Cena has improved his skills.

"I've learned a lot from this guy, it's the little things that make something great and I believe that's why we had great matches together because I was able to listen and understand and even when my ego said 'What? That's stupid,' as the more I thought about it, 'Nope, he's right'," Styles noted.

"So yeah, you've got to check your ego when you've been in the ring – you know, I've been in the ring just as long as John Cena has but the level of guys he has been in the ring with surpasses mine. So, the information and stuff he was sending my way, I soaked in like a sponge."

AJ Styles
AJ Styles