US Secretary of State, John Kerry has called for calm in Europe and reaffirmed America's special relationship with the UK on Monday (27 June) following Britain's vote last week to Leave the European Union. Speaking in Brussels, Kerry said it was "absolutely essential" that "nobody loses their head" in the coming period of transition.

Kerry is visiting Brussels and London in the wake of Britain's vote for Brexit, a decision that has sent the pound crashing against the dollar and markets around the world into turmoil. Kerry had previously said that the US was disappointed in the UK's decision but would work with both sides through the transition.

"It is now incumbent on leaders to implement the will of the people and to do so in a way that is responsible, sensitive, thoughtful and, I hope, strategic," said Kerry. "It is absolutely essential that we stay focused on how in this transitional period, nobody loses their head, nobody goes off half-cocked, people don't start ginning up scatter-brained or revengeful premises."

US President, Barack Obama, had previously said that he supported a Remain vote for the UK. Kerry was speaking alongside the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, before heading to London.

Kerry reaffirmed his country's relationship with both parties in the split, saying "the United States cares about a strong EU, and the United States will maintain its special relationship and strong relationship with Great Britain".