Waiting a couple of days for a highly anticipated movie is one thing. Waiting a whole century is something else altogether.

But that's exactly what John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez want you to do. The duo has created a film titled 100 Years, with a release date of 18 November, 2115, besides tagging it as "The Movie You Will Never See".

Three teasers for the film were released recently, all depicting different interpretations of the future. "There were several options when the project was first presented of what [the future] would be," Variety magazine quoted the film's writer, Malkovich as saying. "An incredibly high tech, beyond computerized version of the world, a post-Chernobyl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilization and then there was a retro future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s."

In an additional twist, the filmmakers have hinted that these snippets might not actually be part of the main film.

So, who funds a film that will hit the box office 100 years later? The kind of people who are used to taking their time — Remy Martin, the French maker of the cognac brand Louis XIII which, it is claimed, takes 100 years to mature. Till its release day, the film will be stored in a vault at the company's headquarters in Cognac, France.

Along with Malkovich, the film stars Shuya Chang and Marko Zaror.

Can't watch it yourself but would like your grandchild or perhaps great grandchild to attend the screening? Louis XIII is distributing 1000 metal tickets for the 2115 film screening.