Donald Trump Tweets at John McCain: Doesn't Know How To Win Anymore
Senator John McCain said he hasn't met a single American who has seen healthcare bill, but suggested that the Russians had probably hacked into it

John McCain took another shot at the Trump administration this week when he suggested that Russia is more likely to have seen the new Republican healthcare bill than US senators.

The Republican senator for Arizona said that he has not yet seen a copy of the legislation during an interview with Bloomberg.

"No, nor have I met any American that has," McCain added. "I'm sure the Russians have been able to hack in and gotten most of it."

He joins a growing list of US senators who have expressed frustration at the secretive tactics employed by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in drafting of the bill.

McConnell told reporters on Tuesday (20 June) that a copy of the bill would be released on Thursday, but so far few Democrats or Republicans have seen the legislation.

A vote could be held next week, but some Republicans have said they might not be able to vote for the measure because they do not know what the bill entails.

Utah Senator Mike Lee, who is a member of the group involved in the bill's creation, said he has not reviewed the legislation and is "frustrated" by the lack of transparency.

"It has become increasingly apparent over the past few days that even though we thought we were going to be in charge of writing this bill within this working group, it's not being written by us," he said in a Facebook video.

McCain has been a vocal critic of Trump since he became president in January. He recently claimed that the scandals surrounding President Trump are reaching a "Watergate size and scale" and said that Obama was a better world leader than Trump, a surprising admission as McCain has always been a fervent critic of Obama's foreign policy.