Kayne West
Kayne West Reuters

Rapper Kanye West has something of a controversial streak to him... and he has never shied away from them. The musician has annoyed several personalities over the course of his career... and he can now add the Queen and the Royal Family to that litany of names.

Kanye, who is working to set up his own fashion label, is currently staying at Lanesborough Hotel, which is quite close to Buckingham Palace.

"We went to London and we were right next to the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family. There were members of the Royal Family staying below us. Kanye had rented out the top floor and we was banging that b***h out. Every room was a studio. The Royal Family below were complaining like, 'We got all this loud-ass rap music above us and weed smoke.' They paid all this money and you don't expect to get these kind of complaints," Kanye's protégé Big Sean was quoted as saying to The Sun.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Kanye was paying around £2,700 per night at the hotel.