Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Reuters

Kate Middleton is more than just good in winning the hearts of all. She long ago, impressed the Queen herself to begin with. And not to forget, the first heart that she won was that of Prince William's. The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to do it again!

For Prince William's 30th birthday on 21 June 2012, Kate is planning to give a royal portrait of hers! This is the first time Kate has sat for the royal portrait which makes it even more special. According to the Sun, royal artist Nicky Phillips has been working on the portrait while Wills has been away on RAF deployment in the Falklands and the masterpiece is reported to have cost £25,000.

The STV reports that Prince William's father, Prince Charles, is paying for the art work. Kate is, of course, a huge favourite of Prince Charles.

"Most couples wouldn't think a picture of a loved one would be a great present, but this is a big deal.It's the first portrait Kate has sat for, which is a huge thing for the royals," The Sun quoted a source as saying.

The artist was all praises for the Duchess as she said that painting a person as 'beautiful' as Kate was a challenging job.

"Good-looking people are always difficult because they have symmetrical faces.It is unlikely you will do them justice," she said.

It is also rumoured that Kate has some more surprises planned for her husband on his big day. Even though Kate's birthday party celebrations were held low key, the wife in her is not leaving any job undone to give the best party for her husband.

Meanwhile, Kate is also planning to sit for a public painting to be put in National Portrait Gallery. Kate is a student of art history herself along with Prince William.