Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook Reuters

British model and TV presenter, Kelly Brookes has revealed the secret of her so called "big" cleavage: A pair of Sports Relief socks!

In a photoshoot for a film made to promote the Sports Relief Cause, the model posed seductively in a long red dress.

"My secret's out! Sports Relief socks are an essential item in my styling kit," she was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

In the photos, the star is seen looking at her cleavage and then taking the "Sports Relief Socks" out of her bust. She pulls out the socks and looks at the camera making various expressions. The naughty photoshoot claims that her "pads" are the Sports Relief socks.

Sport Relief socks are now on sale at Sainsbury's for £2.50 a pair.

To see the full photoshoot, click here.