Kardashian sisters
Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian Reuters

Kim Kardashian is returning to her roots.

The reality star is planning a trip back to her native Armenia and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe are coming along, according to E! News.

Visiting their late father Robert Kardashian's ancestral homeland is just one of the many things Kanye West's wife wants to tick off her bucket list, a source revealed.

Robert's great-grandparents were Armenian immigrants from an area of Turkey that was once part of the Russian Empire, which was overthrown by the short-lived liberal February Revolution in 1917. Armenia is located in the north of Western Asia.

''They are all so excited! They want to learn about their heritage,'' the insider said.

Although the specifics of the trip have not been ironed out, Kardashian reportedly hopes to take her rapper husband and daughter North West with her, while Kourtney will be travelling with her kids Mason, Penelope and Reign.

''People ask all the time if I am from there and unfortunately I have never been to Armenia, but it's my dream to go there for sure!'' Kardashian previously said.

"My great-grandfather was Armenian and my great-grandmother Turkish-Armenian. My mother is English, so I am half Armenian, but I was raised with a huge Armenian influence, always hearing stories of Armenia, eating Armenian food and celebrating Armenian holidays.

Kardashian said she hoped to one day pay homage to her father, who passed away in 2003 after battling cancer.

''My father would be so proud that we talk about our Armenian heritage! My dad used to always tell us to never remove the -ian from our last name like some Armenians that came to the US.

''He was so proud to be Armenian and his biggest regret was not sending us to Armenian school! I am so proud to be Armenian and so happy that I can identify with my Armenian fans!''

While Kardashian is keen to embrace her heritage, the traditional conservative Armenian community may not be so welcoming.

Her recent nude #breaktheinternet stunt, baby born out of wedlock, hip-hop partner and infamous sex tape are just a few reasons why some fellow Armenians just can't warm to her.

"Because of cultural and traditional issues, they do not want to accept that she is an Armenian," BBC monitoring journalist Armen Shahbazian said.

"They always compare the Armenian French singer Charles Aznavour, who they are proud of, with Kim Kardashian, who is seen in a more negative light. They don't want her to represent their country," he says.